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IMPO is a connected office chair accessory designed to improve unhealthy office postures. Using pressure sensors, it detects 6 types of common bad postures and notifies the user to change postures through vibration and phone/computer notifications.

The problem is big.

Today, 65 million people in the U.S. suffer back and neck pain because of bad postures and lengthy sitting at work.

The costs of these musculoskeletal disorders exceed 1 trillion USD in 2014.

For every dollar invests in office ergonomic improvement, there is an average of 17.5 USD in return.

Sitting up-straight,
not correct.

Sometimes in our life, we have all been told that we should sit up straight. However, according to more recent research done at acclaimed institutions around the world, the better posture is to lean our back against the back support of the chair.

The solution is here.

IMPO keeps an eye on your postures and encourages effortless upright position so that you can concentrate on your work and not worry about back and neck pain.

Posture detection.

With the FSR pressure sensors, the IMPO can detect 6 types of common unhealthy postures. When the user has a bad posture, a vibration and a screen notification are delivered to remind the user.

Track your sitting time.

When the user has been sitting for 60 mins, the IMPO will send a notification, reminding the user to get up and take a short break.

Slim and soft.

The sensing area of IMPO is covered by 100% cotton fabric. With its 2.6mm overall thickness, you won't even feel anything when sitting with it.

Magnetically attached.

The magnet attaching system easily secures IMPO onto any mesh-back office chair. The pad stays when you move.

One size fits all.

Most leading office chairs on the market use mesh as the material on the back because of its breathability. By utilizing this characteristic, IMPO fits all mesh-back office chair.

Upper sensors

IMPO has 3 pressure sensing areas silk-screened onto the fabric. The two upper sensors detect hunching and leaning to one side.

Lower sensor

The lower sensing area detects slouching. The array of the three sensors can recognize multiple combinations of unhealthy postures.

All in one place.

The G3 surface case houses a 24-hour recyclable lithium-ion battery, a micro-controller, a Bluetooth module, a push button and so much more.

with the App

The IMPO app not only tracks your real-time postures and sends notifications, but also collects the information and produces a daily report that shows you how much time you were in various types of unhealthy postures.

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Scenario walk-through

Real-time postures

The user's real-time posture is displayed inside the app. IMPO can also recognize the scenario when the user has two bad postures at the same time.

You are in control.

Set your notification delay time and minimize unnecessary disruptions. When the user has unhealthy postures, the App will only notify the user after the delay time. If the user changes to the healthy posture during the delay, the App will not send the bad posture notification.

Daily report

IMPO produces a daily summary that shows your total sitting time and how much time you were in various types of unhealthy postures throughout the day.

See working prototype and full behind the scene design process.

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