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As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design language of Scaglie incorporates hydrodynamic engineering and sporty elements; meanwhile, as a traditional transportation and a highly individualized expression of art, its retro and exquistie titanium pattern is a modern homage to the everlasting craftsmanship spirit of wooden kayak.

Luxury kayak that utilizes modern computation design

 Research on kayak construction

Research on kayak construction



By using the software Grasshopper, the designer was able to quickly iterate mupltiple groups of kayak. Within each group, the overall form was explored many times to achieve the desired or unexpecting yet exciting results.
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kayak rendering.188.jpg
kayak rendering.189.jpg
kayak rendering.186.jpg


After selecting the most successful digital iterated kayak, the designer continued to define the form and develop details on sketch.
kayak compo 2.jpg
kayak rendering.194.jpg