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An open-source 3D-printed upper extremity prosthesis designed specifically for limbless drummer. To develop unique features that would allow the drummer to play more intuitively and comfortably, the designer worked with renowned amputee drummer Greg Anton.

Interview with limbless drummers.

Through meetings with some of the most experienced limbless drummers in the U.S., we concluded with several major design challenges for the Paradiddle prosthesis.

Adjustable bounciness.

By changing the length of the polycarbonate spring, the user can fine-tune the bounciness, enabling more complex play such as drum-roll.

Changing drumstick?
No problem.

Paradiddle can be used with any standard drumstick sizes. The changing process is quick and easy.

Testing with amputee drummer.

Greg Anton is a renowned amputee drummer who has been playing drums for more than 50 years and has performed in 2016 Rio Paraolympic Trailer “Yes, I can”. The testing with Greg Anton validates the functionality of the Paradiddle; in addition, the user gave valuable feedbacks that inspired further developments on the project.



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