The show must go on.

‘PARADIDDLE’, an essential rudiment of drum beats, is an open-source 3D-printed upper extremity prosthesis designed specifically for amputee drummer. To develop unique features that would allow the drummer to play more intuitively and comfortably, the designer worked with renowned amputee drummer Greg Anton.

Design Challenges

Current Drumming Prosthesis VS. Paradiddle

Sketch models. Model 1 and Model 2 features adjustment of bounciness by moving the pivot of the drumstick. The spring acts as a stop to keep the drumstick down. A potential problem is that the holder for the stick has to be tight enough from preventing the stick flying out yet loose enough to slide on the stick. Model 3 features adjustment of bounciness by directly changing the length of the spring; as a result, the bounciness of the stick changes, and the pivot stays constant.

Greg Anton is a renowned amputee drummer who has been playing drums for more than 50 years and has performed on numerous recordings and at thousands of concerts worldwide.  He also performed in 2016 Rio Paraolympic Trailer “Yes, I can”. The testing with Greg Anton validates the functionality of the prosthetic; in addition, the user gave valuable feedbacks that inspired further developments on the project.



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