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As climate changes and sea level rises, flooding has become one of the most frequent natural disasters. The Trident is designed for not only supporting firemen/ rescue professionals in flood water but also quickly rescuing victims.

Current flood rescue equipment. Firemen mainly use two pieces of flood rescue gears, the wading stick, and the reach and rescue pole.

Wading stick.
Fireman/rescue professionals use the wading stick to support themselves in fast-moving water (6-inches of floodwater can knock an adult person down). It is a simple stick that has major indicators of water depth.

Reach and rescue pole.
The reach and rescue pole is a telescopic pole that deploys a flotation or other rescue tools to a casualty while keeping the operator away from hazard zone. However, it is relatively large and can not be carried by a single person.

Two modes. Trident is designed for not only supporting rescue professional in floodwater but also quickly rescuing victims. It maintains the simplicity of the wading stick but incorporates the reach and rescue feature that was previously only available in larger equipment.

Collapsible flotation device. The 30 inches long NPR closed-cell foam with Kevlar strings embedded acts as a flotation device for victims in floodwater. When it is pushed up, it expands and allows the panicking victims to easily grab on to it. The flotation device becomes thinner for storage and transportation when it is pulled down.

Telescopic fiberglass pole. In a reach and rescue scenario, firemen can telescope the pole up to 8 feet long using the turn-and-lock mechanism. The pole itself is made out of fiberglass, strong and non-conductive, protecting the user to be electrocuted by electric-charged flood water.

Steady grip. The yellow EVA foam piece with cutout increases grips for the firemen when pulling the victim ashore. Alone the grip piece, major indicators of the water depth better informed the firemen of the situation around them. The wading tip is made out of stainless steel, preventing it from easily worn out. The round disk stops the pole from sinking deep into muds.

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